OSCE Seminar in the framework of the Eurasian Group started off in Ashgabat

On February 26, 2020, a three-day seminar entitled “the National preparation to mutual assessment by the Eurasian Group: best practices of the OSCE states” has begun in Ashgabat.

The representatives of various ministries and state entities of Turkmenistan, including the Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Bank and State Committee for Statistics are taking part in the event. Also among the participants, there are representatives of the private sector and non-commercial entities. The international experts have arrived to Ashgabat to conduct the given seminar.

In the first day, the participants considered the process of mutual assessment according to the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) method, including the issues of technical correspondence of the legislation to the FATF standards, understanding of relevant risks, transparency of legal persons and establishments, supervision in the private sector.

In the consecutive days, the participants of the seminar will discuss the international cooperation in the area of combatting money laundering and financing of terrorism, financial target sanctions, as well as the supervision in the field of established nonfinancial entities and professions.

It is pertinent to note that with the aim of preparation to the mutual assessment of the national system of Turkmenistan by the Eurasian group on combatting money laundering and financing terrorism, the President of Turkmenistan recently signed a Resolution according to which a Preparatory Interdepartmental Commission has been established and its composition confirmed.