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26 October 2019


Speech of the President of Turkmenistan at the XVIII Summit of the heads of states and governments of the member states of the Non-Alignment Movement in Baku

Speaking at the Summit, the President of Turkmenistan expressed gratitude to President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for organization of the meetings, hospitality and cordiality, atmosphere of cooperation and constructive dialog.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that serious changes have taken place, new tendencies have appeared in international politics, alternative geopolitical and geo-economic situations have emerged since previous high-level conference of the Non-alignment Movement in Venezuela.

Today, the country members of the Non-alignment Movement need consolidated and concentrated efforts aimed at the achievement of the main goal – protection and support of universal peace, strategic stability and security. This is what has to determine the intentions and actions of responsible countries on the level of global solutions as well as on local and regional directions.

- Turkmenistan is confident that despite all challenges and threats of recent time, together, we are able to find efficient tools for counteraction to these, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted.

Special role in this is given to the Non-alignment Movement. Principles and ideals of the Movement, which were put into its foundation several decades ago, are specially required today, Turkmen leader said. They objectively match the requirements of the most pople on the planet.

- Based on them, we, state members of the Non-alignment Movement, together with other members of international community have to give new strong impulse to strengthening of universal security, having filled our activity in this direction with specific political and legal content and world outlook meaning, - the Head of the State said.

- In our opinion, restoration and assertion of trust and predictability as a base for building of constructive and balanced solution on international arena, making of weighted decisions are the key conditions for this, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued.

- Understanding our responsibility for the situation in the world, Turkmenistan proposed an initiative on declaration of 2021 as International Year of Peace and Trust by the United Nations General Assembly, - Turkmen leader highlighted, having focused that the General Assembly with co-authorship of 73 UN member states has adopted the above-mentioned Resolution several weeks ago on September 12.

Taking opportunity, the Head of Turkmenistan expressed gratitude to the members of the Non-alignment Movement especially to the states, which co-authored the adopted Resolution, for support and solidarity in realization of this important initiative.

Continuing his speech, the President noted that combating of international terrorism is an important objective under provision of global security.

- Supporting the efforts of the world community for creation of effective international mechanisms of combating this threat, Turkmenistan stands for full realization of the UN Global Counter-terrorism Strategy, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted.

Having noted that this work has to be carried out all around both in the world as well as on regional and national levels, the Head of Turkmen state expressed confidence that this objective is very urgent for the countries of the Non-alignment Movement, number of which directly face real or potential terrorist threat.

As is known, neutral Turkmenistan makes significant input to the strengthening of international cooperation in this direction, having determined the combating against terrorism as an integral component of strategic partnership the UN and cooperation with other competent organizations.

Turkmen leader stated in his speech that refugees are another global problem concerning many member states of the Non-alignment Movement. Many of the refugees are nationals of the member countries of this organization.

- In an effort to seek for realistic solution of refugees’ problem and having initiated wide international cooperation in this sphere, Turkmenistan in close cooperation with the UN and Islamic Cooperation Organization held international conference dedicated to this issue in May 2012, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said.

- Only for the last few years, our country gave citizenship to more than 20,000 refugees on national level. At the Tehran Summit in 2012, Turkmenistan proposed to include the refugee problem as an independent direction of activity of the Non-alignment Movement, - the Head of the State highlighted, having given proposal to come back to detailed review of this matter in this context.

In this regard, it is worth to mention that humanitarian direction is defined as one of the key component of home and foreign policy of the country. Turkmenistan was one of the first states in the region to pay close attention to this problem, standing for further consolidation of common efforts in solution of refugees’ and stateless persons’ issues.

Addressing the members of the Summit, the President highlighted that global economy is an important sphere of activity of the Non-alignment Movement.

- We are confident that our states have to act from consolidated positions to protect legal rights and interests of developing countries, activity protect justice and equality in international economic relations, resolutely stand against discrimination, unreasonable, sometime artificial barriers in the world trade, for recognition of economic sovereignty of the nations and states, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted.

- In this case, the voice of the Non-alignment Movement has to sound firmly and strongly; we have to promote own global economic agenda responsibly, - the Head of Turkmenistan highlighted.

Regarding national economy, it received strong impulse in its development in the last years due to successful implementation of the Government strategy of Turkmen leader demonstrating stable and dynamic growth. Steadfast implementation of large-scale reformation programmes, fundamental reformation of branches of national economy provide stable progress and prosperity of our country.

Diversification and industrialization, transit to market relations, comprehensive support of private sector, active implementation of advanced information and digital technologies are priority directions of development of Turkmen economy. For example, relative Concept designated for fulfilment in 2019 – 2025 has been developed and is implemented at the request of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for digitization of the economy. All of these including major infrastructural project initiated by Turkmen leader open big opportunities for beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign partners.

Continuing his speech at the Forum, the Head of Turkmen state noted that in this context, active participation of non-aligned states in formation of global system of energy security based on fair and transparent principles, equal access to energy sources and means of its transportation, recognition and accounting of the interests of suppliers, buyers and transports of energy resources.

As is known, Turkmenistan has been taking serious measures for establishment of wide international partnership in the sphere of comprehensive energy secrutiy.

- During the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, our country plans to present Draft Resolution, which is aimed at reliable and stable transit of energy carriers and its role in sustainable development and international cooperation, - the President said.

In this regard, it is highlight that while making considerable input into creation of relative diversified infrastructure, Turkmenistan, having colossal reserves of hydrocarbon resources, initiates major projects including integrated modernization of national fuel and energy complex and formation of multidimensional pipeline system of export of energy carriers to the world markets.

Construction of transnational energy route, which transport Turkmen gas to China, as well as current project of construction of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India gas line, which is to support the intensification of effective cooperation between the countries in the region and to enhance their economic potential, are specific examples in this case. Opportunity to deliver Turkmen natural gas to European direction is under consideration.

At the same time, transport sphere is undoubtedly one of the basic segments of the world economy, which make direct influence on stability and balance of the world economic relations. Taking strategic geographic location and confidently strengthening its positions as important transit and transport hub and logistic centre of regional and continental significance, Turkmenistan made proposed number of initiatives in this direction, which currency and requirement have been confirmed in relative Resolution of the UN General Assembly.

Speaking at the Summit, the Head of Turkmenistan noted that solidary work of the states of the Non-alignment Movement in implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals including its part about food safety may also be effective.

- We need solidarity, resolution and firmness of non-allied countries during review of the subjects of provision of access of the states and regions to food resources, guarantees of nutrition as an integral right of any individual, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said.

Strengthening of food security is one of priorities of the government policy of Turkmenistan. Great importance is paid to fundamental reformation of agricultural complex, modernization of food industry, realization of adopted government programmes for import substitutive production and increment of export volumes in solution of set objectives for satisfaction of the populations’ demand for quality food products in wide variety.

Integrated reforms in this direction brings results. Activity and achievements of our country in food abundance have been highly accessed on international level including by Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN. Having significant practice in this sphere, Turkmenistan is willing to share its practice with the world community being always open for fruitful cooperation with foreign partners.

Addresing the participants, Turkmen leader noted that our country also stands for more focused cooperation of member states of the Non-alignment Movement on the issues of the climate change.

- In this regard, consolidation of our efforts aimed at fulfilment of 2030 Global Agenda and Paris Treaty receives special importance, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted.
Turkmen leader said that being in the capital of one of Caspian states, he cannot help saying about universal significance of protection of Caspian Sea, its ecology and unique biological diversity.

- At the first Caspian Economic Forum in Turkmenistan this August, our country proposed an idea of establishment of new Caspian ecological programme as a complex of natural protection measures for provision of rational use of rich natural resources of Caspian Sea, the Head of Turkmenistan highlighted. – We are planning to initiate wide dialog on this subject and looking forward to comprehensive support of the Non-alignment Movement.

Addressing the participants of the Summit, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also informed that next year, Turkmenistan would celebrate one of important dates of in its modern history – the 25th anniversary of international recognition of neutral status of our country. however, there is also another remarkable event related to this date. This is 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan membership in the Non-alignment Movement.

- These dates are closely connected to each other and we would never forget and always highlighted with gratitude that it was at the Summit of the non-alignment Movement in Colombian Cartagena in October 1995 when the intent of Turkmenistan to be a neutral state received an unanimous support of non-allied countries, - the President noted. – We consider by right that this is a milestone event in promotion of the idea of neutrality of Turkmenistan and its further securing on the UN level.

- Year after that memorial event have shown that principles of our neutrality and its deep world outlook are consonant with goals and values of the Non-alignment Movement, meet expectations and intents of all nations and states who share ideals of peace-loving, equal rights, non-alignment, respect of every country, its sovereign right for own way of development, - the Head of Turkmenistan said.

Our country is the only state on the planet, which neutral and legal status based on peace-loving humanistic principles, which are inherent to Turkmen nation from ancient times, was recognized twice by the United Nations, which was set forth in the Resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly. Adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution on declaration of December 12 as International Neutrality Day is an evidence of recognition of huge contribution of Turkmenistan to strengthening of relations of peace, goodwill and harmony between the countries and peoples.

Finishing his speech, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that number of big international events dedicated to anniversary date of Turkmen neutrality would be held in Ashgabat on December 12, 2020. It includes International Conference for Peace, Security and Sustainable Development. Taking opportunity, Turkmen leader invited all heads of the states and delegations of non-aligned countries to take part in these events.

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