Turkmenistan has reformed and developed the field of national healthcare, giving it a status of the multipurpose system of social protection. Large-scale work is carried out in Turkmenistan for health protection of people. The national system of health protection, which has reached the level of world standards, progressively develops.

 On the principle of family medicine, the service in urban and rural polyclinics has improved. Owing to the successful implementation of the State Program "Health", the incidence rate among citizens of all ages has been reduced.

The following have been developed and adopted: regulatory documentation for evaluation of medical services and treatment and diagnostic capabilities of treatment and prevention centers, Single register of medical services according to the level of hospitals, etc. Modern clinical protocols of diagnostics and treatment of diseases on different directions of medicine have been developed.

According to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan on Improvement of Medical Service to the Population of October 5, 2017, new edition of the Provision on order of Contract on voluntary medical insurance as well as regulatory legal documentation on the state guarantee of health protection of the citizens and provision of special groups of population with free medical services have been elaborated and adopted.

In health-care centers in Turkmenistan introduced electronic document management.

Natural and climatic, mud cure, balneological sanatoriums of the country are effectively used, where all conditions for restoring health of the Turkmen citizens and foreign citizens are created.

More than 50 types of collections and teas made on the basis of plants growing on Turkmen soil have been introduced into practice. The production of plants and facilities of Turkmendermansenagat was exported to the total amount of more than 7 million manats.

An important part of public health policy is to consistently implement a strategy to reduce the morbidity of the population. Turkmenistan ranks first in carrying out immunization activities, occupying a leading position in the region in terms of availability of vaccines and immunization. In Turkmenistan, the vaccination is free.

The Program “Saglyk” (“Health”) is being implemented step by step through a strategy lowering morbidity. Turkmenistan, wholly or partly got rid of many kinds of diseases. In order to prevent diseases associated with a lack of iron in human body, Turkmenistan, in close cooperation with foreign partners, implemented a number of major projects for the enrichment of food products, particularly flour and salt. Annually in our country the number of purchased vaccines against influenza is steadily increasing.

Intensive work on fighting with diseases such as malaria, measles and rubella is being conducted in the country. Turkmenistan is the owner of the international certificate of World Health Organization on the elimination of measles and rubella. The country has the lowest ever record in tuberculosis. The result of the successful international partnership for prevention and prevention of HIV infection is the fact that Turkmenistan is among the few countries where HIV infection and AIDS have not been spread.

From 1st July 2017 year, sale of wide spectrum of antibiotics based on doctor’s prescription has been arranged in the government pharmacies. Owing to this, the conditions for reduction of the diseases resistant to medicine, for correct use of medicine by the citizens only after consultation with the doctor and according to the prescription will be made.

A part of the health care system is to build a state policy in the realization of policy goals for maternal and child health. The widespread establishment of health centers “Maternity and Childhood” (“Ene Mahri”), opening and active work of the scientific and clinical center of maternal and child health care, the successful implementation of national programs on breastfeeding and anemia control were highly appreciated by the major international organizations. From 2014 year Turkmenistan is on the way of reducing perinatal morbidity and mortality, preventing maternal losses by implementing the program of regionalization of perinatal care.

Assessment method of infant’s development according to international standards has been introduced to mother and child health protection. Particularly, the indicator of baby breast feeding has grown in the country under the fulfillment of relative programme and made 92.8 percent.

In 2017 year, neonatal screening for the diagnostics of birth defects and their efficient treatment has been arranged in maternity departments of medical facilities of Turkmenistan. Based on their results, a group of specialists carried out analytical work, the purpose of which is to help identify the most common congenital malformations in the future. A work plan has been prepared for the prevention and treatment of hearing loss in children, diabetes mellitus.

Exchange of practices with foreign specialists took place in the sphere of early development and rehabilitation of children by new methods that are used in physical and ergo therapeutic directions. The manual on nutrition of girls, pregnant and breast feeding women has been made.

The agitation and propaganda actions on the prevention of various diseases and the introduction of the principles of a healthy lifestyle are carried out.

All hospitals have health schools; the algorithms of prevention and efficient treatment of non-infectious diseases have been developed and implemented.

Reforming the domestic healthcare sector, taking into account the world's advanced achievements, is one of the priority areas of state policy. A concrete work is carried out to strengthen its material and technical base, particularly, by introducing modern medical equipment of leading foreign manufacturers.

Owing to attention and support of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, more than 15 Agreements and Memorandums were signed with foreign medical facilities.

According to the requirements of the World Health Organization, national model for prevention and treatment of non-infectious diseases has been formed; explanatory work among the population including by mass media are regularly held under coordination of information center. The objectives set out in National program of the implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2017 - 2021 were also steadily and successfully solved. In addition, the Government of Turkmenistan financed the project "Implementation of the provisions of the Ashgabat Declaration - the liberation of Europe from tobacco smoke." 

Improvement of professional education was continued; new impulse was given to scientific and educational work. In 2016 - 2017 academic years, 323 students graduated from Turkmenistan State Medical University including 20 young qualified specialists of sport medicine department.

For study of the world practice, 58 working trips have been organized under the partnership with the UN structures for the participation in different conference and training seminars in almost 30 foreign countries. 145 specialists participated in these journeys. Last year, 90 professors and leading doctors from Germany including 30 specialists of the Senior Expert Service have visited our country for sharing of the experience. Cooperation with this organization became one of the forms of fruitful cooperation of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan with German colleagues.

Joint interdepartmental working committee including the representatives of leading clinics of Germany, representative of the ministries of health protection and medical industry, education, specialists of the State Medical university and I. Gandi Medical College has been established for study of the establishment of physiotherapeutic specialized secondary education institute.

Scientific and clinical center of eye diseases and Training Dental Centre of the State Medical University, internal disease hospitals in Mary get started , three polyclinics (№14,15,16) with advanced equipment in the capital were built and get started in the country in 2017. International Endocrinology and Surgery Centre for 300 patients was also opened in Ashgabat.

In accordance with the National Rural Programme in the Kaakha district (etrap) of the Akhal province, a polyclinic was built in the village of Artyk, in the village of Dushak - a specialized medical complex for the prevention of diseases, in the village of Taze durmush of Ak Bugday district (etrap), in the villages of  Zakhmet and Babadayhan of Tejen etrap, in the village of   Garaman of Sarakhs etrap also opened the polyclinics. The polyclinic No. 1 in Balkanabat was put into operation. These centers, equipped with modern medical, diagnostic, educational and production equipment, provide the population with high-quality medical services.

In 2018 the children hospital for 120 patients in Mary, Avaza sanatorium for 200 guests as well as multi profile hospital in Turkmenabat  were launched under the National Rural Program.

Modern sanatoriums in Bagabat settlement of Ak Buhday etrap of Ahal province and in Garlyk settlement of Koytendag etrap of Lebap province next to natural spring Gaynar Baba and International Burn Centre in Ashgabat are under construction.