Tariffs of consular fees of Turkmenistan

For registration and issuance of visas, the legislation of Turkmenistan provides for the following consular fees:

1) For single entry visas:

- up to 10 days - 20 US dollars;

- up to 20 days - 30 USD;

- up to 1 month - 40 USD;

- for each subsequent month - 30 US dollars.

2) For multiple entry visas:

- up to 1 month - 60 US dollars;

- for each subsequent month - 40 US dollars.

3) For transit visas:

- single up to 5 days - 20 US dollars;

- double up to 5 days each time - 40 USD.

4) For the issuance of visas at the international airport of Ashgabat, an additional charge is 50 US dollars.

When issuing visas, a fee is also charged to reimburse the actual costs associated with issuing visas. The amount of such fees depends on the place where visas are issued (regardless of the nationality of the applicant).

Consular actions are carried out within 10 calendar days from the moment the documents are received by the institution that performs them. For urgent consular activities within 3 working days, as well as for consular activities outside working hours, weekends and holidays, the fee rates increase by 100 percent.

Note: For citizens of states with which there are relevant bilateral agreements and understanding, a different procedure for issuing entry visas to Turkmenistan may be provided.