The fundamental reform of science is carried out under the direct supervision of the President of Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan has high state authority – the Academy of Sciences, which take the lead in the realization of scientific and technical policy of the country. Fund of Science and Technology under the Supreme Council for Science and Technology was established.

Today, high educational institutes of the country have the Councils of Young Scientists involving the students and their tutors. The network of this scientific and educational structure is to stimulate scientific interests and initiatives of the youth, to support their development, realization and participation in international forums and meetings including abroad attracting them to the implementation of scientific projects, to create information base of innovations.

The State Program on Development of Scientific Sphere of Turkmenistan councils on dissertations; provision of the laboratories of the academic institutes with modern equipment, special hardware that allowed to conduct a range of scientific researches in various areas, including physics, chemistry,  biotechnology, environment and other fields - all of this contributes to  the enhancement of the scientific-technical potential of the country.

Successful implementation of state programs in the political, economic and socio-cultural fields requires the constant building of scientific potential, broadening the horizons of specialists, the ability to use modern technologies, that is, the preparation of highly educated, qualified personnel. A characteristic feature of the era of innovation and progress is the desire of economically developed countries, on the one hand, to achieve leadership in basic and applied research, and, on the other, to intensify the pace of introducing research results into production. In this context, the active development of domestic science, initiated by the head of state, not only proposes to nominate Turkmenistan for the role of a developer of advanced technologies, but also acquires a great social and economic effect.

During the years of independence, Turkmenistan has increased the number of academic institutions. National specialists work on innovative technologies of comprehensive processing of natural resources, make applied studies in such fields of natural sciences as microbiology, bioecology, chemistry, botany and other in the Centre of Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. The scientists work not only in the labs but also in natural preserves studying wild species of fruit crops, medicinal herbs and other plants for the protection of their valuable, relic and rare species and rich green gene pool of the country.

Turkmen scientists work in all major areas. They modernize the organizational-economic structure of the agro-industrial complex, engage in the introduction of scientifically grounded methods in crop rotation and work on the creation of the developed agricultural industry in order to raise high-yielding varieties of cotton, wheat and other crops. Special attention is also given to breeding of varieties of fruit trees, enrichment of gene pool of plants, development of the environmental map of the utilization of resources of “Altyn Asyr” Turkmen lake in the Garagum desert.

At present, the opportunities for the improvement of qualification of our scientific staff, establishment of cooperation with large scientific and educational centres of the world, international organizations and funds have significantly expanded. This is indicated by regular conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, meetings of the representatives of science and education with the participation of numerous foreign guests in Turkmenistan.

The Day of Science owes its origin to the epoch of grandiose changes, which were based on weighted scientific approach and advanced achievements in this sphere. This big work was initiated by the President of Turkmenistan in 2007 when the Head of the State focused on the measures for fundamental renovation of scientific sphere.

Large-scale work has been carried out for the last eleven years – reliable legal base of national science has been made, the main objectives and targets as well as priority directions of its development have been defined and long-term cooperation with big profile international organizations and centers has been started.

Academic institutes, profile scientific departments, high educational institutions focus not only on fundamental studies but also on applied researches, carry out competitive, economically efficient explorations, implement modern technologies into production. New opportunities for training of qualified specialists and scientists who will make theoretical and practical works in such directions as communications, space, robotics, microelectronics are opened in Oguzkhan Engineering and Technology University after the launch of artificial satellite «TürkmenÄlem 52°Е».

Scientists carry out historical and archaeological studies. Forums dedicated to current subjects of the world science as well as expeditions supporting the study of natural resources of the country, its history and culture are regularly organized.

Study of the monuments located along the Silk Road that used to cross the territory of our country is continued. 70 monuments, where 9 in Ahal Velayat, 17 in Balkan Velayat, 8 in Mary Velayat, 11 in Dashoguz Velayat and 25 monuments in Lebap Velayat, have been registered. In general, colossal work has been done in Turkmenistan in the study and popularization of cultural heritage of the nation. However, there are many things to do. It includes the works under approved State Programme on collection, study and protection of national intangible cultural heritage in 2015 – 2020.

Scientific and technical cooperation with the Far East, Asia-Pacific regions, major centers of the Middle and Near East, Europe and America is on new levels. The election of Turkmenistan to the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development for 2017-2020 is one of the achievements that increase the prestige of our state in the international scientific and educational space.

Thus, I Turkmen- Chinese Forum “Innovations, New Technologies and Their Implementation to the Production” was held in Ashgabat in October. It was organized by the Academy of Science of our country and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. This forum was aimed at sharing experience and searching for opportunities for cooperation between scientific institutions, scientists and specialists of the two states in the field of alternative energy sources, energy-saving technologies, and innovations in agriculture, chemistry, seismology, medicine, pharmacology, biology and other fields.

Big opportunities for the establishment of cluster economy based on regional approach and technological achievements are opened by the Law of Turkmenistan of Free Economic Zones signed by the Head of the State that also stipulate special technical and implementation zones including technical fleets and technopoles. In this regard, favorable environment for merging of science and business with production and for establishment of innovative facilities is formed in the country.

As it is seen, the necessary base for continuation of postgraduate professional education is actively developed in our country. This is related to the fact that enthusiasm and desire for the science is growing among Turkmen youth, the number of those who wish to do the study and to build scientific carrier is increasing. It means that there are all prepositions for the formation of new generation of young scientists and specialists who will be able to bring national science to high level in the nearest future.