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10 October 2018


International seminar on the aspects of partnership in the field of intellectual property

On September 9, 2018, international seminar «Intellectual property policies in universities and research institutes» was jointly organized at the «Archabil» hotel by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the State service for Intellectual Property of the Ministry of finance and economy of Turkmenistan.

The representatives of Academy of Science, Centre of Technologies, Research institute of chemistry and numerous higher educational institutions, WIPO, Oxford University, agencies from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and international experts attended the seminar.

The presentations about WIPO activities in the last few years, the role of intellectual property in innovations, as well as intellectual property policies in universities and research institutes of Turkmenistan were made during the first day of seminar. Moreover, round tables were organized to discuss the methodology for drafting necessary policy and issues related to intellectual property rights protection in the region.

The Deputy Director of Department for Transition and Developed Countries, WIPO Giovanni Napolitano underlined in his speech that Turkmenistan has been actively integrating into international policy on balanced and accessible international system which encourages creativity, innovations and contributes to economic growth for the society interests. He also noted that forming diversified economy is a significant factor for creation of innovations and intellectual property.

In the course of seminars, the consultations will be held with the representatives of universities and research institutes of Turkmenistan on 10th of October. Participants will exchange with their experiences in applying international standards in the field of intellectual property policy.

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