The seminar in the framework of IOM project “Asian regional programme on migration” has started in Ashgabat




On the 23rd of April 2019, the seminar entitled “Protection of citizens abroad during crisis” in the framework of the International Organization for Migration project “Asian regional programme on migration” has started in the hotel “Archabil” of Ashgabat city.         

The authorized representatives of migration services, ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of internal affairs and ministries of defense of the Central Asian countries, including Afghanistan took part in the event.     

The objective of the seminar is to enhance the awareness of the participants about the IOM initiative “Migrants in countries in crisis” (MICIC), aimed at strengthening the national and international potential oriented at eliminating the vulnerability of migrants.  Also, the seminar is supposed to assist the process of determining the key measures for helping the migrants in emergency situations.