Regional Conference Turkmenistan and OSCE in the field of transport and logistics was held in Vienna




On June 20, 2022, a regional conference on the theme "Turkmenistan - OSCE: Regional Cooperation in the field of Transport and Logistics Development " was held in a hybrid format in Vienna, Austria. This conference was organized by the delegation of Turkmenistan to the OSCE together with the Office of the Coordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities and the OSCE Center in Ashgabat.

Delegations of the OSCE participating States, leading experts from academies, representatives of the private sector, as well as from the UN and other relevant international and regional organizations took part in the work of the conference.

The aim of this event was to discuss current topical economic issues in Central Asia with a special focus on regional cooperation in the development of transport and logistics.

The participants also noted the importance of continuing and strengthening the political dialogue in order to ensure interaction between all modes of transport in order to promote the creation of sustainable multimodal transit corridors.

The Turkmen side introduced the participants with the programs and initiatives of the country in the field of sustainable transport and logistics. In this context, the adopted "Program for the development of transport diplomacy of Turkmenistan for 2022-2025" was well introduced. The delegation ofTurkmenistan also reported on the preparations in the country for the International Transport Conference for Landlocked Developing Countries in August this year.