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28 November 2022


A solemn event dedicated to the renovation of the Health Center of Garamgol Etrap, Faryab province of Afghanistan and the provision of humanitarian aid

As is known, Turkmenistan constructed the Health Center in the Garamgol district of Faryab province and put it into use in August 2009. On November 26, 2022, under the guidance of the Consulate General of  Turkmenistan in Afghanistan (Mazari-Sharif), solemn official ceremony was held in connection with the full renovation of the Health Center by Turkmen workers and delivery of medical equipment and medicines from Turkmenistan to the Afghan side as humanitarian aid.

The ceremony was attended by the head of the representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan in Balkh province, mayors of Garamgol, Gorgan, Andhoy and Khancharbagh districts of Faryab province, heads of health care institutions, residents and respected elders.

The participants of the event expressed their gratitude to the Honorable President of Turkmenistan on behalf of the Afghan people, noting their immense gratitude for the various humanitarian aid continuously provided by Turkmenistan to the people of Afghanistan over many years.

There was also expressed gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan and the Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of the Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan for their constant humanitarian and fraternal assistance and their efforts to bring political stability to Afghanistan, and prayed for their good health and great success in their responsible state work.

Then, at the opening ceremony a charity lunch was given to the good health of the President of Turkmenistan and the Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of the Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan.

The representatives of Afghanistan's “Milli” TV, "Tolqun News" of the Turkmen diaspora in Afghanistan and other local mass media took part in the event to provide an extensive coverage.

In addition, during the ceremony, Turkmen textbooks intended for grades 1-4 were handed over to Mahmut Khan Abdylla, head of education department of Garamgol region, to be used as a guide in Turkmen language classes in the schools of the region.

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