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18 September 2017


On the first day of the competitions, the Turkmen team won 16 gold medals

On September 16, 2017 the first game day in the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games ended. The official opening of the Games took place on September 17, but the first sets of jiu-jitsu and the national Turkmen wrestling awards was played, the futsal team matches started. As a result of the first day of the competition, the Turkmen team leads with 37 medals, including 16 gold, 14 silver and 7 bronze medals.

The first "gold" in the treasury of the national team brought the competition in jiu-jitsu in the discipline of "duo classic". In the men's doubles, Jelilmuhammed Khodjamuradov and Murad Gimmiev took the first place, Jahan Durdyeva and Mekan Nurdzhikov in mixed ones, and Patma Khodzhieva and Murad Gimmiev took part in the duo show. Silver medals were awarded to Patma Khodzhieva and Jahan Durdyeva in two kinds of pair matches: "duo show" and "duo classic". "Bronze" in men's duo competitions "duo show" won Ahmet and Yusup Tangriberdiyev.

 In the second half of the day there were competitions on contact jiu-jitsu, in which the Turkmen team showed a high result. Fahraddin Abdullayev (69 kg), Begenchmurad Kakabayev (77 kg), Rustem Penjiev (85 kg) were awarded gold medals.

 Silver medals in contact jiu-jitsu from Davut Nuryev (62 kg), Annageldy Annasahedov (69 kg), Rustam Rozmetov (77 kg) and Vyacheslav Ishkhanyan (85 kg).

 The performance of our national team in the national Turkmen wrestling in freestyle was a success. Allanoor Gochov (57 kg), Novruz Eyeberdiyev (62 kg), Dovletgeldy Berdyev (68 kg), Silapberdy Nuryev (82 kg), Seidi Batyrov (100 kg), Rezhepaly Orazaliyev (over 100 kg) won gold medals. In women's competitions - Lachin Badaglyeva in the weight category of 52 kg, Zuhra Madraimova (58 kg), Gulnar Hayytbaeva (63 kg), Nasiba Sukrieva (70 kg) won gold medals.

 Yakubov Yakubnazar (57 kg), Toilymyrat Durdymyradov (68 kg), Orazmamet Velmammedov (75 kg), Begmyrat Baidurdiev (82 kg), Ovezgeldy Berdyev (90 kg), Byashim Ayazov (100 kg) Annamurat Muradov (over 100 kg) won silver medals. Silver medal in women's competitions is on the account of Dinara Hallyeva (63 kg).

Among the bronze medalists in the national Turkmen wrestling contest are six of our wrestlers: two men: Derya Abdyev and Arslan Ibraimgulyev, and four in the women's team: Maksuda Egemberdieva, Jahan Muhammedova, Gulfia Jumaeva and Rano Uzakova.

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