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29 March 2023


Briefing at the MFA of Turkmenistan on the issues of the city of Arkadag

On March 28, 2023, a briefing was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan on the issues of the city of Arkadag, the great importance of this project for Turkmenistan, as well as international aspects related to its implementation.

The event was attended by diplomats of the Foreign Ministry, heads and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in our country, representative offices of international organizations, foreign and domestic media.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Rashid Meredov in his speech stressed that the fundamental goal of the state policy of Turkmenistan is to strengthen the independence and sovereignty of our country, the practical implementation of the internationally recognized status of neutrality, the comprehensive development of the economic power of the state, and further improvement of the social system.

To fulfill these tasks, the country is carrying out large-scale and long-term reforms in the legislative, socio-political, socio-economic, humanitarian and other spheres. The system of state and social structure is also developing, based on the centuries-old historical experience of the Turkmen.

In this regard, it was emphasized that one of the clearest manifestations of the dynamic development of Turkmenistan was the decision to build the city of Arkadag, taken in accordance with the initiative of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

As the Foreign Minister noted, the uniqueness of this idea lies, first of all, in the fact that the city of Arkadag was built in one of the ancient places of Turkmenistan, where the glorious history of our ancestors began.

An important factor is that this city in a concentrated form reflects the achievements of independent and permanently neutral Turkmenistan in the era of its modern history.

Along with this, the city of Arkadag is called upon to become a major scientific, educational, cultural and international center of our country. As you know, its construction is carried out on the basis of advanced methods in the field of architecture and urban planning, using the standards of "smart" cities, the practical implementation of high environmental standards and "green" technologies.

All of the above led to consideration of the issue of legal consolidation of the special status of the city of Arkadag in the legislation of Turkmenistan.

In this context, the Chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty expressed proposals and wishes regarding the development of legal acts regulating the whole range of issues related to the new city. As a result of the work done in this direction, a draft Law of Turkmenistan "On the city of Arkadag" was prepared. On March 23, 2023, this legal document was adopted and signed by the President of Turkmenistan on the same day. And on March 24, the Law was published in the official press and put into effect.

In this regard, the main provisions of this important legal act were noted.

First, the law determines the legal status of the city of Arkadag, as well as the legal, organizational and other foundations for the activities of state bodies related to the performance of the city's functions. All these issues are under the jurisdiction of the state and are decided by the central authorities. At the same time, for the first time in the national history, a special legal status was established for the city of Arkadag - a city of state significance.

Secondly, the creation of local executive authorities of the city of Arkadag and the appointment of their heads is carried out by the ministries, departments of Turkmenistan and their heads in agreement with the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan and the khyakim (mayor) of the city of Arkadag.

Thirdly, this Law clearly establishes the competence of the khyakim of the city of Arkadag, who is appointed by the President of Turkmenistan and is accountable to him, and also establishes the main tasks of law enforcement activities in the city.

Fourth, the Law for the first time provides a clear definition of such important legal categories as the city's population and its property. These articles of the Law were formulated on the basis of the current legislation of Turkmenistan and relevant international legal norms.

Fifth, financial, material and technical support of the city of Arkadag is carried out on the basis of the legislation of Turkmenistan.

Normative legal acts were also adopted on the creation of two etraps in the city of Arkadag - Kyarizek and Gorjav, taking into account geographical and historical features, socio-economic, demographic and other factors. In addition, decisions were made to assign the names of prominent personalities of the Turkmen people to institutions and organizations located in the city.

As emphasized, the idea of building the city of Arkadag and its appearance on the map of our country is of great interest to the world community. This is evidenced by letters and messages received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from foreign states and from international organizations. They celebrate the uniqueness of this city, which fully meets the high standards of modern world urbanism.

Recently, the city of Arkadag was visited by representatives of various international organizations, including the United Nations Specialized Agency for Industrial Development (UNIDO), the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and others. At the same time, foreign partners highly appreciate the construction, architectural, design, logistics, technological solutions used in the design and construction of the city.

In continuation of the press conference, Deryageldy Orazov, Chairman of the State Committee for the Construction of the City of Arkadag, in his speech paid attention to the environmental aspects of the city of Arkadag, when choosing the location of which factors of the natural landscape and climate were taken into account. In particular, he spoke about the protection of water resources in Arkadag, in connection with which a system was created for collecting rain and drainage water to be used for watering green spaces. A green belt with a total area of 2,370 hectares is growing around the city. Given the relief of the foothills and the wind rose, the construction of a mudflow protection facility is underway.

A distinctive feature of the urban system of life is the creation of optimally comfortable conditions for living, creative work, life and recreation of people who are served by innovative interactive technologies.

It is also important that the city takes into account smart technologies for people with disabilities. As an example, a tactile path for visually impaired people with a total length of 134 km is given.

Students of domestic universities and young specialists were involved in the preparation of city construction projects and the development of programs for its smart systems. It was also reported that a tender for the construction of the second stage of the city of Arkadag would be held soon.

Further, the briefing continued in the “question-answer” format, during which the Turkmen side expressed interest in receiving specific proposals and implementing joint projects with participating countries and international organizations aimed at further development of the city. In the context of discussing the prospects for the international life of the city of Arkadag, the expediency of building up international cooperation with the city, including through the "sister cities" was expressed.

At the same time, the parties noted that the concept of a new "smart" city meets the principles of the global movement "Healthy Cities" under the auspices of WHO, taking into account the combination of the environmental aspect with the health factor and improving the quality of life of the population.

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