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22 June 2023


Business meeting of the Ambassador of Turkmenistan with representatives of Chinese transport and logistics companies

The Embassy of Turkmenistan in China, with the support of Huahe International Business Consultancy, held a business meeting of the Ambassador of Turkmenistan at the Yinghe Beijing Law Company to unlock the transport and logistics potential of Turkmenistan.

The event was attended by representatives of the Beijing office of the Transport and Logistics Center of Turkmenistan (TULM), as well as Chinese transport and logistics companies and associations, the China-SCO Pilot Zone and the State Administration of Railways of the People's Republic of China.

The Ambassador of Turkmenistan in his opening speech proposed to consider the issues of increasing freight traffic from China, which is a comprehensive strategic partner of Turkmenistan, using the possibilities of international transport and transit corridors running through Turkmenistan in the direction of regions with enormous potential, such as South and West Asia, East and Southern Europe, Middle East and others. At the same time, the participants were also shown videos revealing historical and cultural values, as well as  those relating to the new city of Arkadag.

The representative of TULM in Beijing O.Orazov, in his speech, noting the important role of Turkmenistan in the system of international transport corridors, spoke about the opportunities to increase freight traffic in the directions "North-South" and "East-West". At the same time, he dwelled in detail on the possibilities of the International Sea Port of Turkmenbashi and air harbors, as well as the transport and transit potential and the beneficial aspects of multimodal transportation of cargo containers.

In turn, representatives of Chinese transport and logistics associations and companies, through their universal logistics solutions for the integration of digital technologies, spoke about the features of their opportunities for establishing close cooperation with Turkmenistan in the field of increasing cargo transportation. At the same time, they especially noted the possibility of establishing multimodal transportation along the China-Turkmenistan-Europe route.

In continuation of the event, the parties exchanged views and experience on topical issues of enhancing other aspects of transport and logistics cooperation.

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