SPECA Ambassadors met in Geneva to discuss the upcoming Days of SPECA in Turkmenistan

On the 9th of September 2019, the meeting of the Ambassadors of SPECA states was held in “Turkmenistan” working room of the United Nations Office in Geneva with the aim of discussing the issues related to the upcoming SPECA events to take place in November 2019 in the framework of Turkmenistan’s chairmanship in the SPECA Governing Council and Economic Forum in 2019.      

In the beginning of the session, The UNECE Executive Secretary Ms.O.Algaerova shared the issues raised during her recent visit to Turkmenistan for participation in the First Caspian Economic Forum, particularly the establishment of the SPECA Fund.  The UNECE Executive Secretary noted that the proposal to create such Fund with the aim of assisting the activities and events in the framework of SPECA was supported by the Leadership of Turkmenistan.

The Regional adviser on trade issues M.Apostolov acquainted the participants with the preparation process to the upcoming Days of SPECA planned to be held in November 2019 in Ashgabat.    

In their speeches, the heads of the UNECE subdivisions called for active participation in the initiatives and projects implemented on regional and sub-regional levels, in the area of environment, transport, forest and trade spheres.  All the speakers asked to take active part in support of new initiatives proposed by the ECE considering the needs of the region’s countries, as well as to attain the global tasks.