Meeting with the new head of the UNICEF office in Turkmenistan

August 22, 2016 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan  was held a meeting with the new appointed Head of the United Nations Children's Fund representative (UNICEF) in Turkmenistan Ms. Shaheen Nilofer.

At the beginning of the meeting, the parties expressed their appreciation for the results of collaboration between Turkmenistan and the UNICEF office in Turkmenistan. Then, within the meeting there was an interested exchange of opinions about the achieved progress and prospects of future development of long-term constructive dialogue, practical guidance of which was a the Country Programme Action Plan between the Government of Turkmenistan and the UNICEF for the period 2016-2020, approved by the President of Turkmenistan in March this year.

Among the significant achievements of UNICEF and the Government of Turkmenistan was marked the development and implementation of national policy on early child development, juvenile justice, protection of health of mothers and children, pediatrics development, as well as salt iodization and fortification of flour with iron, large-scale vaccination of children and the implementation of the initiative "Schools, friendly to children" and "Hospitals, friendly to children".

At the end of the meeting the parties expressed hope for further expansion of cooperation between Turkmenistan and UNICEF. The Turkmen side has expressed its wishes of continuing success to the new head of UNICEF in Turkmenistan.