Celebration of the Great Silk Road

On October 23, 2017 a new locomotive depot was opened and put into operation in the Balkan velayat at the station Bereket. The Bereket station is an important part of the transnational railway route Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran, and the opening of a new locomotive depot here will allow to bring the work of a large railway enterprise to a new level, to increase the productivity of locomotives and working groups, and to create a favorable condition for workers involved in ensuring safety of train traffic.

On October 25, on the occasion of the opening of the locomotive depot Bereket, special briefings were held in the Embassies of Turkmenistan of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as in the Consulate of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation (Astrahan city).

Representatives of the railway branch, employees of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the mass media of the above-mentioned states took part in the briefings.

It was noted that the new locomotive depot will be able to provide many types of services, it will carry out several types of repairs, as well as the depot can serve 210 diesel locomotives per day and in one of them a year 385 can be served in another 10,500 diesel locomotives. In addition, videos were shown dedicated to the new locomotive depot of the Bereket station.

The participants of the briefing observing the created conditions for the Turkmen railway workers, highly appreciated the construction and multifunctionality of the depot and noted the high degree in the region of the construction of the locomotive depot Bereket. The participants noted that the Bereket station with the locomotive depot located on the way of the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway will attach importance to the use of the road in the transit and transport sphere of Eurasia, the strengthening of relations in the trade, economic, tourist and other spheres between the countries of the continent.