The message for the media

On the instructions of President of Turkmenistan authorized members of the Government of Turkmenistan held a meeting with the delegation of the Republic of Belarus headed by Deputy Prime Minister of this country A.N.Kalinin who is in Turkmenistan now on a working visit.

During the talks they discussed a wide range of issues of bilateral cooperation.

Particular attention was paid to the status of some projects implemented in Turkmenistan by Belarusian companies.

As is known, the largest of them is the construction of Garlyk mining and processing enterprise, carried out by Open Joint Stock Company "Belgorkhimprom".

In this context, the Turkmen side expressed extreme concern at the continuing failure of the Belarusian party of its contractual obligations.

In particular, given the specific facts of the considerable backlog of scheduled construction time for individual objects, which are the important parts of the plant infrastructure.

In addition, despite the repeated requests of governmental structures of Turkmenistan, the Belarusian side has not yet provided information about the timing of delivery of the remaining pieces of equipment worth several tens of millions of dollars and further projects of the specifications.

Also facts of repeated late payment of wages by the "Belgorkhimprom" to Turkmen citizens working on the construction of the plant have been noted.

At the same time, the attention of the Vice-Premier of Belarus has been drawn to the reports of Belarusian and other media about the alleged "non-compliance by Turkmenistan of its financial obligations under the contract."

In this connection, the Government of Turkmenistan stated on the inaccurate nature of this information. It was noted that on its part the customer - "Belgorhimprom" often does not comply with the requirements for timely and full execution of documents required for submission for payment for performed work.

Based on the foregoing, the Turkmen side stressed the need for the Government of the Republic of Belarus of taking urgent measures for the timely and successful completion of the construction of the Garlyk mining and processing plant in Turkmenistan.