Year 2024 - «Fount of Wisdom
Magtymguly Fragi

14 February 2024


A briefing for European media was held in Brussels

At a briefing organized on February 12, 2024 by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Brussels, the head of the diplomatic mission Sapar Palvanov outlined the priorities of the foreign and domestic policies of Turkmenistan, emphasized the achievements of 2023, which passed under the motto “Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar”, and presented the slogan of 2024 in Turkmenistan “Fount of Wisdom Magtymguly Fragi”

The event brought together CEOs, editors-in-chief and media correspondents from various countries, including such well-known publications and news agencies as EU Reporter, EU Today, Buscardini Communications, Diplomatic World, KazInform and Sekai Magazine. In addition, the briefing attracted the attention of representatives of the diplomatic, academic and research communities of Belgium, the European Union and the European Parliament, which indicates a substantive interest in the policy directions and cultural initiatives of Turkmenistan.

The briefing provided an overview of Turkmenistan's foreign and domestic policy strategy, with an emphasis on the country's commitment to neutrality, peace and global security. At the same time, Ambassador S.Palvanov highlighted the active participation of Turkmenistan in the development of the Global Security Strategy and its contribution to efforts to ensure regional peace. The importance of Turkmenistan’s initiatives aimed at the adoption of resolutions by the UN General Assembly on dialogue of peace and neutrality was also emphasized.

A significant part of the briefing was devoted to economic diplomacy, where the head of the diplomatic mission spoke in detail about structural reforms, efforts to diversify the economy and Turkmenistan’s desire to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). In this context, key issues were raised such as energy, the green energy transition and transport diplomacy, including the country's role in initiating UN resolutions on sustainable transport. In addition, Turkmenistan's announcement at COP28 to join the Global Methane Initiative underscored its commitment to addressing environmental issues.

The briefing also reflected the achievements of 2023, held under the slogan “Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar.” In this regard, the Ambassador shared information about the book of the President of Turkmenistan “Youth is the support of the Motherland” which reflects the successes and achievements of the country’s youth in various fields.

In addition, the motto of 2024 was presented - “Fount of Wisdom Magtymguly Fragi”, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding thinker and poet of the East Magtymguly Fragi. The Turkmen diplomat emphasized that this initiative is an expression of Turkmenistan’s desire to immortalize the poet’s legacy, recognizing his invaluable contribution to the development of Turkmen and Oriental literature, as well as his significance as a spiritual and cultural mentor.

Following the briefing, guests were offered dishes of Turkmen national cuisine.

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