The ceremony of presenting the document on ratification of the Convention 144 of the ILO was held in Geneva

On the 9th of September 2019, the ceremony of presenting to the Director-General of the ILO Guy Ryder of the document on joining the Convention of the International Labor Organization was held in Geneva.  This is the Convention 144 on Tripartite Consultations (ILS) aimed at assisting the application of international labor norms as prescribed by the President of Turkmenistan.

In the framework of the ceremony, the Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan expressed his congratulations on carrying out the 108th Session of the International Labor Conference and 100th Anniversary of the ILO as well as noted the adherence of Turkmenistan to the constructive dialogue with the respected international organizations, particularly the International Labor Organization.  

The close partnership of Turkmenistan with the ILO resulted in the adoption of the Law of Turkmenistan in October 2018 “On trilateral commission on regulating the social-labor relations,” which demonstrates that Turkmenistan embeds the generally accepted norms and principles of the ILO to the national legislation. 

The ratification by the Parliament of Turkmenistan on 8 June 2019 of the Convention 144 on Tripartite Consolations for assisting the application of international labor norms was presented as a vivid outcome of cooperation with the social partners.  

The Director-General of the ILO Guy Ryder noted the intensification of cooperation of Turkmenistan with the International Labor Organization in recent years and underlined that Turkmenistan became the 149th country to ratify the Convention 144.   

Expressing gratitude to the Turkmen side for participation in the work of the 108th Session of the ILO, Mr. Guy Ryder welcomed the efforts of the parties on preparing the Programme of Cooperation between Turkmenistan and the International Labor Organization for the period 2019-2021 presently determining with the social partners the priority directions.