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31 May 2018



Good governance and economic connectivity focus of OSCE Regional Ministerial Conference in Turkmenistan

 “Good Governance and Economic Connectivity - best practices within the OSCE region” was the topic of the OSCE Regional Ministerial Conference organized by the OSCE and the Government of Turkmenistan that ended in Ashgabat on 31 May 2018.

The two-day conference brought together some 120 participants, including high-level officials and decision-makers from five Central Asian countries and Afghanistan and 21 OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation. Representatives of international organizations, academia, the private sector and non-governmental organizations also participated in the event.

The conference addressed a wide spectrum of topics ranging from trade facilitation and improvement of regional transit through harmonization of border and customs mechanisms to the latest developments in the digitalization and modernization of economies. The event highlighted the importance of good governance as a driver for economic growth and connectivity and the impact of good governance on the creation of a positive business and investment climate.

 The international experts provided insights on how to improve connectivity through e-business and digital trade, the security implications of the digital economy, and new technologies for secure transport management.

The participants discussed ways to enhance political dialogue on key economic issues in the region and share best practices on economic good governance. Other debated topics included how to promote co-operation among regional economic initiatives on sustainable transport and renewable energy issues. 

 Vuk Zugic, Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, referred to Ministerial Decision adopted in Hamburg in 2016, stating that it is “based on the fundamental assumption that comparable levels of good governance, transparency and accountability of public authorities in all OSCE participating States are conducive for establishing confidence”.

“Concurrently, engagement in trade and transport facilitation measures enhances the reliability of procedures and public services, which in turn can lead to higher levels of connectivity and trust,’ said Zugic. “This conference confirms the OSCE’s relevance as a platform for dialogue and as a mechanism for the implementation of our commitments.”

Halykdurdy Gurbanov, Chairman of the State Committee on Statistics of Turkmenistan, stated: “The ongoing global changes and new economic environment require the world community to undertake effective measures to improve the world governance architecture, in order to gain maximum benefit from globalization through concerted action and ensure sustainable and balanced development.”

“It is our belief that the conference will serve as an efficient platform for the exchange of opinions on topical aspects of multidimensional interaction,” Gurbanov said.

One of the outcomes of the conference was a set of recommendations, developed by international experts, for improving economic good governance, facilitating trade and transport, modernizing economies and strengthening public-private partnerships in energy infrastructure and sustainable transportation projects.

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